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Arthritic Foot Pain Treatment

Arthritic foot and ankle care treatment in the Wheeling, IL 60090 and Chicago, IL 60640 areaArthritis develops when one or more joints become inflamed. When this occurs, it’s very likely for you to develop pain and stiffness in the affected area. Arthritis is typically common in the small joints of the foot as well as the ankle. It’s very possible that arthritis can develop due to previous injuries or traumas from the past. Some of the most common causes for arthritis may include old age, obesity, and genetic factors. It’s also been found that women who wear tight, high-heeled shoes for most of their lives are prone to experiencing foot complications such as arthritis.

As you get older, the bones and joints in your body will lose flexibility and elasticity, and your foot’s natural shock absorbers will wear down. Having arthritis in addition to life’s wear and tear only makes matters worse; the joints become distorted and inflamed, making arthritic foot care important to consider for your overall health.

Arthritis Foot Symptoms and Care

Some signs that point to the development of arthritis include foot pain, stiffness in the joints, swelling, clicking or popping noises, as well as difficulty walking. Since arthritis can cause so much discomfort, it’s important to look into treatment methods that can help alleviate arthritic pain. One step you can take is to invest in comfortable footwear that provides you with optimal support. Shoes with arch support, heel cups, cushioning, and shock absorption are likely to provide you with ultimate comfort while you perform your day to day activities. Your doctor may also advise you to set a weight loss goal if you happen to be obese. Losing weight may help you lessen the pressure that’s being put on your feet. Heat and ice treatments have also been found to help with easing stiffness in the joints.

Exercise is another key aspect of arthritic foot care, as it not only strengthens and stretches the muscles and joints, but helps prevent further injury and pain as well. Certain non-steroid, non-inflammatory drugs or topical medicines may be recommended by your podiatrist to help ease arthritic pain.

For more information about the type of arthritis you’re experiencing and how to best treat it, we recommend you consult with a podiatrist for professional care.

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